'L1-Introduction & Development of Jet Aircraft Propulsion' Video Lecture

L1-Introduction & Development of Jet Aircraft Propulsion

  • Course: Jet Aircraft Propulsion
  • Discipline: Aerospace Engineering
  • Faculty: Prof. A M Pradeep, Prof. Bhaskar Roy
  • Institute: IIT Bombay
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    Course Video Lectures L1-Introduction & Development of Jet Aircraft.. L2-How the Aircraft Jet Engines make Thrust L3-Jet Engine Basic Performance Parameters L4-Turbojet, Reheat Turbojet and Multi-spool .. L5-Turbofan, Turbo-prop and Turboshaft engine.. L6-Ideal and Real Brayton cycles L7-Jet Engine Cycles for Aircraft propulsion L8-Cycle components and component performance.. L9-Tute-1 L10-Analysis of engine real cycles L11-Tute-2 L12-Thermodynamics of Compressors L13-Thermodynamics of Turbines L14-Axial Compressors : two dimensional analy.. L15-Cascade analysis; Loss and Blade perform.. L16-Free Vortex theory; Single-Multi-stage ch.. L17-Tutes - 3 L18-Elements of centrifugal compressor L19-Centrifugal Compressor characteristics: S.. L20-Axial flow turbines; Turbine Blade 2-D .. L21-Multi-staging: Axial Turbine; Turbine Coo.. L22-Radial Turbine Aerodynamics & Thermodynam.. L23-Tutes - 4 L24-Types of combustion chambers: mechanism &.. L25-Pr. Loss, Combustion efficiency; Combust.. L26-Practical combustion system ; Stability, .. L27-Intakes for Powerplant: Transport / Milit.. L28-Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic Intake De.. L29-Nozzle : fixed and variable geometry nozz.. L30-C-D nozzle and their uses L31-Tute-5 L32-Engine Off Design Operations L33-Aircraft Engine component matching: Dimen.. L34-Engine component matching and Sizing L35-Installed Performance of Engine L36-Tute-6 L37-Use of Ramjets and Pulsejets in Aircraft .. L38-Thermodynamic Cycle & Performance Paramet.. L39-Flow in Diffusers, Combustors and Nozzles L40-Performanace and Design of Ramjet & Scram.. L41-Tute - 7 L42-Future of Aircraft Propulsion

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