'Introduction' Video Lecture


  • Course: Introduction to Atmospheric Science
  • Discipline: Atmospheric Science
  • Faculty: Prof. C. Balaji
  • Institute: IIT Madras
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    Course Video Lectures Introduction Atmosphere-A brief survey (Pressure, Temperat.. Atmosphere-A brief survey contd (Vertical str.. Vertical structure of atmosphere and The Eart.. The Earth system - Oceans Contd... and Marin.. The Earth system - Hydrological cycle The Earth system - Hydrological cycle contd ... The Earth system - Carbon cycle contd..., and.. The Earth system -- Carbon in the oceans Eart.. Atmospheric Thermodynamics- Introduction The hydrostatic equation Hypsometric equation and pressure at sea leve.. Basic Thermodynamics Concept of air parcel and dry adiabatic lapse.. Potential temperature Skew-T ln-P chart Problems using Skew-T ln-P chart Problems using Skew-T ln-P chart. Problems using Skew-T ln-P chart.. Lifting Condensation Level (LCL) Lifting condensation level Contd... Saturated Adiabatic and Psuedo-adiabatic proc.. Equivalent potential temperature and wet bulb.. Normand's rule - Chinook winds Problems on Chinook wind and static stability Static stability-Brunt-Visala frequency Conditional and convective instability Static stability - Problems using radiosonde .. The second law of thermodynamics - Clausius C.. Clausius Clapeyron relation contd.. Atmospheric radiation - Radiation laws Planck's distribution and Inverse square law Physics of scattering, emmision and absorptio.. Physics of scattering, emmision and absorptio.. Radiative Transfer Equation - Derivation Radiative Transfer Equation contd.. Radiative heating profiles of the atmosphere Climate Dynamics - Introduction Climate sensitivity and feedback Climate change Atmospheric dynamics

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