Chemistry and Biochemistry Video Lectures

Chemistry and Biochemistry Video Lectures
Web & Video Lectures of various courses related to Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Chemistry and Biochemistry Courses with Video Lectures
 Course Name  Institute
Advance Analytical Course IIT Kanpur 40
Bio-inorganic chemistry IIT Kharagpur 40
BioChemistry I IIT Kharagpur 28
Chemistry of Materials IIT Kanpur 40
Co-ordination Chemistry (chemistry of transition elements) IIT Kharagpur 40
Essentials in Immunolgy IISc Bangalore 40
Eukaryotic Gene Expression - Basics & Benefits IISc Bangalore 40
Heterocyclic Chemistry IIT Kharagpur 40
Intro to Organometallic Chemistry IISc Bangalore 40
Introductory Quantum Chemistry IISc Bangalore 49
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